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Smith Floor Drains

smith floor drains

    floor drains
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  • (Floor drain) A fixture set into a floor, used to drain water into a plumbing drainage system.

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National Geographic: Drain the Ocean

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Yet another quick snap. This one was not thought out at all. Taking pictures has been the last thought on my mind lately, and by the time I realize I haven't taken any I've run out of time to go outside and take a great photo of the facilities here.

Anyway, this is the drain in the floor in my dorm's bathroom. At first I was simply taking a picture because I enjoyed the lines, but after looking (rushing) through a little photoshop, I thought of how it could symbolize the fatigue I'm experiencing lately. Mentally & Physically.



Floor Drain Plumbing

Floor Drain Plumbing

Floor drain dry fitted and almost ready for connection. First there is the small matter of installing the two layers of 3/4 inch plywood flooring. The three sections of the PVC trench-drain have yet to be solvent-cemented together; I need to determine the finished floor height and shim the drains accordingly

smith floor drains

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