Floor Scrubbing Machines Home

floor scrubbing machines home

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floor scrubbing machines home - Griot's Garage

Griot's Garage 10670 3" Yellow Scrubbing Pad, (Set of 3)

Griot's Garage 10670 3" Yellow Scrubbing Pad, (Set of 3)

These scrubbing pads clean just about everything. Combined with any of the proven cleaning products your results will be amazing. Carpets, fabric, rubber, leather, tile and even convertible tops. Made of tough, coarse, open-cell foam that won't deteriorate when you have tough cleaning to do. Put them on your 3 inch random orbital and you'll greatly reduce the effort and hassle of cleaning. Remove that stubborn brown haze on your tires in no time. Carpet stains disappear quickly and easily. Rubber floor mats will look perfect. Hook-and-loop backing attaches to the 3 inch foam pad holder or the 3 inch random orbital. Rinse clean in warm water and reuse.

77% (8)

Fast Forward

Fast Forward

From the 2007 archives:

- - -
Ten- year-old Bobby was a handful; always imagining things, building things and generally keeping himself in trouble. His biggest dream was building a time machine to head into the future, and he used his father's cast-offs from the shed out back to concoct a small, imaginary capsule big enough for his 3-year-old brother Timothy to sit in. Bobby wound up the gears he put together and Timothy spun out of control on the homemade seat designed from the wooden seat Bobby took off from the outhouse.

The laughter filled the quiet Flint Hill air and the boys were in a joyous mood until their mother attempted to use the outhouse without the seat cover. And the Flint Hill air was then filled with screams of anger.

Bobby was put on house duty; scrubbing floors for his mother while Timothy was put down for a nap.

The time machine idea fell by the wayside.

Bobby? Look now. This is your home today. I just imagine you'd rather jump in your time machine and go back. Sometimes looking forward isn't so rewarding, after all.

- - -
Flint Hills, Kansas

Scrub Cookies

Scrub Cookies

Made these scrub cookies for my cousin who works with a great group of dedicated nurses.
I found the quote online and found it to be perfect.
Happy Nurses Week!

floor scrubbing machines home

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